How to Avoid Online Personals Website Scams

The dating world has changed drastically in the last several years and it’s mostly because of the internet. Online dating has introduced a whole new dimension to dating and it continues to grow in popularity with each passing year with an increasing number of people turning to the internet to find dates. it was inevitable that many companies would consider this a money-making opportunity. Sites do need to make money to survive and cover the costs to run them, but more and more sites are going a step further and charging outrageous membership fees for a dating service that is completely fake. Fraudulent sites are mostly maintained by computer software that is set up to make the user think they will find a date, but it is almost impossible to connect with any real people at all. The mistake these sites make is using the same tactics over and over giving guys like me a chance to see them for what they really are. You can learn to spot a fake too if you are familiar with the tactics they use.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind When You Date Online

The first thing you need to know is that most dating sites are fake or are at least dishonest. You are much more likely to find a fake dating site than a legit one, so keep that in mind and always use caution. I can’t stress how important it is that you do your research. Check out a site’s online reputation before you jump in. Check to see if there are more negative reviews and customer testimonials than positive ones. I suggest browsing through at least ten reviews because many bogus sites pay to have positive reviews planted online to make them appear legit.  Check sites like RipoffReport and as well.

Dating Online

Once you have found a website that seems legit with a good reputation, stop to read the terms and conditions. Some of the most common warning signs that you will find in this document are as follows: Statements that indicate that the site reserves the right to reuse all your profile info. This means that they use your pictures and profile info to create fake profiles on other sites. Also, terms like “Online Cupids” are used to describe fake profiles and fake communications sent to you by the site for entertainment purposes or to test the site’s functionality.

Once you have learned how to spot the common warning signs, you will wonder why people are ever fooled so easily in the first place. Fraudulent dating sites rely on your ignorance or lack of experience to keep a constant flow of money coming in. They know that not all people are going to stop and question the validity of their site. All you need is a little common sense and the ability to stay alert, even when the sites are convincing enough to appear real. If you stop for a second to read the fine print and don’t ignore the warning signs, it will become easier and easier to spot the frauds.

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How to Meet Older Women

Most men who find themselves inadvertently attracted to older women are often confused on how they can go about approaching or meeting women that are suitable to their desires and interests. Of course there is a major difference between women who are elder to you and women who are generally just older. You need to identify what age group appeals to you most and then go after only that category. Limiting your scope is a great way to end up with a terrific woman.

Meeting Older WomenThe first step that you need to bear in mind is that it is usually easier to approach an older woman than a younger woman. This is so for a number of reasons since older women have a lot more experience and dwindling options so they are likely to respond well if a man knows how to act around a woman. Treat them like a lady and they will be in your grasp before long.

When you see an older woman at a bar or any other place you should approach them with a compliment. Beware of using language which seems insincere or stereotypical but choose one feature which really stands out and prepare a statement regarding it. This will make you come off as genuinely interested and will increase your chances of landing a first date.

Since you are personally interested in older women you need to elaborate to your woman of choice on all the ways that older women are more attractive than their younger counterparts.

This will give you some solid footing in the meeting and will lead the woman to try and find out more about you if she can. Once you get her interested, you can consider the job half done.

If these usual methods do not work, you will need to appeal to her inherent intelligence and be willing to sit through a rather lengthy discussion of current affairs or more specific topics.

If this older woman is someone who works alongside you, you can do a bit of research regarding what appeals to her and then gather some information about it.

Since older women have already had their share of serious relationships, it is possible that they may only be looking for a fling and nothing more. Try to be on the same page as them and try to ask in subtle manner what they want in the romance section.

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6 Ways To Gain Back Your Partner’s Trust


Love your partner and still want the relationship to work? then you should prove that you are willing to go through test just to get his or her trust back, because if not then dont expect your relationship to last. Here are some ways to help you achieve your partner’s trust again.

1. Show your partner that you care – once you have done your mistake, it would be hard to gain the trust that your partner gave to you again. It is not just like a gift that you can give or take anytime you want to, because trust is earned and if you want to bring it back again, then you should do something and show to your partner that you really care about him or her.

2. Do something and prove that you already regret it – doing something that would show your regrets of what you did would be the best solution to that, regardless of your mistakes. When you know how to express and prove that you regret those mistakes, your partner will be able to accept it as long as you are sincere enough with your sorry. Never leave your partner hanging and let him or her fill the spots because you will never gain the trust and love that he or she gave you again.

image13. Never let him or her feel that if you have a chance, you are going to do it again – If you are given a second chance, then make the most of it and dont just stand there thinking for another plan to cheat. Keep in mind that you are now on your edge of breaking up, so stand up as his or her partner and never do the same mistake again. You may not gain back the trust right away because you failed your partner but always remember that time can heal any wounds, so be patient.

4. Spend more time than the usual – if you havent spent some time for him or her before, then make a difference and show that you have more time for your partner. Let him or her see that you have changed and that you care more about her than before. In this way, he or she will be able to know if you are on your way to cheating again or not, because the more time you spend with your partner, it means you are not doing stupid outside and you are serious with him or her this time.

5. Talk to your partner about it and let her know that you are sincere – sharing each other side, especially yours would definitely solve the issue, but dont expect that he or she is going to give you the same trust as before. But at least you are still given a chance and you should be thankful enough.

6. Ask for second chance, let her feel and see that you learned your lesson – second chance is very important for you to gain back his or her trust this time, because you are given one more time to solve your mistake and your partner is expecting of how are you going to react about it, or thinking of what would you do to next just to cheat. It simply means you are on under surveillance.

Whatever your mistake is, when you did a mistake it will always be a mistake in your partners eyes. But if you make a valid reason for it and ask for another chance by talking sincerely or by expressing yourself and tell your partner the reason why you did it, then you would probably get your second chance but the trust would not be gain that soon. It takes time.